Ai Group has been a part of Australian regional communities for decades and regional businesses form a key part of our membership.

We help ensure regional and rural businesses are connected to the state and national action and that they have a strong voice championing their issues.

Using our broad expertise, Ai Group helps interpret how global, national and state issues will impact in regional and rural areas and can ensure the impact of national decisions on local business is understand by policy makers and influencers.

We provide a range of high quality services for members that can be delivered regardless of location and because we are active in regional areas across Australia can help connect regional communities and identify issues that are impacting across all of the regions.

As a national organisation, Ai Group has thousands of members, allowing regional operators to connect with peers across Australia and provide access to cutting edge practices.

Ai Group can give genuine insights on issues and developments that will impact business and as a leader in workplace advice, ensure compliance and provide quality help quickly. Regional organisations can also use us to fill gaps in skills within the business.

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Regional News

Blogs - 01 Dec 2023

Program fills pipeline of talented software engineers

All Sectors
Blogs - 20 Nov 2023

Degree-level apprenticeships create a pipeline of talent for employers

Communication & TechnologyDefenceElectricalSpace Industries
Blogs - 01 Nov 2023

Advisory group ‘an important step’ in preventing workplace sexual harassment

All Sectors
Blogs - 27 Oct 2023

NSW celebrates 150 years of Ai Group

All Sectors
Podcasts - 13 Oct 2023

Supply Circles: The keys to sustainable businesses today with John Grimes, CEO Smart Energy Council

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Podcasts - 29 Sep 2023

Supply Circles: Business sustainability by smart product and system design with John Gertsakis

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Member Stories - 11 Sep 2023

Business of the Year builds on sweet success

Podcasts - 18 Aug 2023

Supply Circles: Despatches from the SME Frontline No 2: With Mal Hiley, MD, Baker & Provan

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Blogs - 21 Jul 2023

Ai Group opens doors to business opportunities in Vietnam

All Sectors
Podcasts - 07 Jul 2023

Supply Circles: Designing and building global successful supply chains from Tasmania

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Podcasts - 09 Jun 2023

Supply Circles: What’s next for circular supply chains with Rachael Wilkinson

EnergyGig & PlatformManufacturingMinerals & ResourcesRetailUtilities
Blogs - 11 May 2023

Aged care trainee doing mum proud

Health & Aged Care
Podcasts - 14 Apr 2023

Supply Circles: Operational excellence in sustainable supply chains with Tim McLean

EnergyGig & PlatformManufacturingMinerals & ResourcesRetailUtilities
Member Stories - 29 Mar 2023

Monty’s python takes the bite out of thirsty work

Podcasts - 17 Mar 2023

Supply Circles: AUKUS and the Australian Supply Chain with Sarah Pavillard, CEO ADROITA

EnergyGig & PlatformManufacturingMinerals & ResourcesRetailUtilities
Blogs - 30 Nov 2023

Now is the time to prepare your business for bushfire season

All Sectors
Blogs - 09 Nov 2023

Twice is nice as South Australia celebrates 150 with staff

All Sectors
Blogs - 01 Nov 2023

Second round of grants up for grabs for Victoria’s manufacturers

Blogs - 25 Oct 2023

Mentoring program opens doors for women in QLD manufacturing

Member Stories - 11 Oct 2023

Solar-powered boats at the tap of an app set to make waves

Blogs - 22 Sep 2023

Electrical apprentice shines bright at training awards

Podcasts - 01 Sep 2023

Supply Circles: Cross Cultural communication for effective global supply chains | Louise McGrath

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Podcasts - 04 Aug 2023

Supply Circles: Balancing Quality Standards with innovative fast-paced Product Design; Lucy Finlay

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Webinars - 20 Jul 2023

Regional development and the priorities for Australian industry

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRoad Transport & Logistics
Podcasts - 23 Jun 2023

Supply Circles: The academic view of Sustainability Trends, Value Chains and Supply Chains

EnergyGig & PlatformManufacturingMinerals & ResourcesRetailUtilities
Podcasts - 25 May 2023

Supply Circles: The importance of a mid-career sabbatical with Melissa Anderson, herself

EnergyGig & PlatformManufacturingMinerals & ResourcesRetailUtilities
Podcasts - 11 May 2023

Supply Circles: The world of global supply chains with Ann Ackerson, BAE Systems

EnergyGig & PlatformManufacturingMinerals & ResourcesRetailUtilities
Webinars - 11 Apr 2023

Environment Connect: Energy and Climate Update 2023

EnergyMinerals & Resources
Blogs - 24 Mar 2023

Ai Group joins alliance to boost prosperity in the regions

All Sectors
Blogs - 23 Nov 2023

Wendy 'an inspiration to all'

Health & Aged Care
Member Stories - 03 Nov 2023

Eye-catching cans will give shoppers something to talk about

Podcasts - 27 Oct 2023

Supply Circles: A.I., automation and the changing world of business with Matt Dunn

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Blogs - 20 Oct 2023

How to grow your business with 3 essential online tools

All Sectors
Blogs - 09 Oct 2023

New beginning for Ai Group in Albury

All Sectors
Podcasts - 15 Sep 2023

Supply Circles: The incredible story of REDARC with Anthony Kittel, Managing Director

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Member Stories - 30 Aug 2023

Workplace heart attack shocks manufacturer into action

All Sectors
Podcasts - 21 Jul 2023

Supply Circles: 150 years & more of assisting businesses to thrive through change with Innes Willox

All SectorsBuilding & ConstructionManufacturingRetailUtilities
Blogs - 14 Jul 2023

Grants on offer to boost manufacturers’ digital skills

Blogs - 23 Jun 2023

Brisbane kicks off 150th celebrations

All Sectors
Blogs - 16 May 2023

Benefits to flow long after closing ceremony

All Sectors
Podcasts - 28 Apr 2023

Supply Circles: Despatches from the SME Frontline with Sam Matandos, Moxon Industries

EnergyGig & PlatformManufacturingMinerals & ResourcesRetailUtilities
Podcasts - 31 Mar 2023

Supply Circles: A conversation with an emerging leader in sustainable supply chains with Nicola Lane

EnergyGig & PlatformManufacturingMinerals & ResourcesRetailUtilities
Blogs - 20 Mar 2023

Local businesses urged to seize Games jobs

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