Our Award Advice service is a free and exclusive component of Ai Group membership. 

Whenever the Fair Work Commission publishes a determination that varies a Modern Award, we release a corresponding Award Advice detailing the changes.

Our most popular Award Advices are those providing calculated wages and allowances, including for:

  • hourly rates;
  • weekly rates;
  • casual rates;
  • junior and apprentice rates;
  • wage-related allowances; and
  • expense-related allowances.

Other past Award Advices have covered such matters as:

  • annual shutdown provisions;
  • casual conversion to part-time employment;
  • part-day public holiday; and
  • corrections to previous determinations.

Members can choose which people in their organisation they would like to subscribe to which Award Advices. Ai Group currently provides Advices for 69 Modern Awards. To subscribe to an Award Advice, contact our Workplace Advice Line at workplaceadvice@aigroup.com.au

Award Advices can be viewed any time via ‘My Awards’ in the My Membership section of the Ai Group website. We also send an email alerting subscribers whenever a new Award Advice has been published. To ensure that you receive notifications in a timely manner, please contact our Information Services team at info@aigroup.com.au if any of your details have changed.


If you have any questions or want to subscribe to an Award Advice, please contact us.

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The Ai Group Annotated Awards and WR Handbooks provide a simple but comprehensive guide to assist you in meeting your employer obligations.