The construction industry produces the buildings and infrastructure that are essential to the operation of all other industries, adds to the wealth and capital stock of the nation and underpins the productivity improvements that are necessary to support our future prosperity and incomes. Demand for construction activity is driven by economic factors including population growth, income growth, industry activity, technology changes, commodity cycles, consumer sentiment, interest rates and inflation. 

Government policies affecting the industry, pricing and infrastructure development (including taxation, land allocation, industrial and planning policies) are key influences. The availability, price and location of resources, including skilled labour, building materials and building equipment are other key determinants of the pace of growth in the industry. 

The supply chain for construction is complex and strongly interrelated, encompassing manufacturing (materials, equipment components), services (engineering, design, surveying, consulting, lease management) and traditional construction trades. 

The broad nature of the industry and its impact on other industries supported by Ai Group is a key reason why Ai Group provides specialist services in this space to support its members to maintain a sustainable industry for all participants. 

Ai Group also runs the Construction Supply Chain Council and provides support to the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association. 

For more information contact Lindsay Le Compte, General Manager Construction & Infrastructure, or Vasuki Paul, National Manager Construction, Utilities & Resources 

Lindsay Le Compte
Lindsay has been in his current role as General Manager (Construction and Infrastructure) at Australian Industry Group since 2012. In these roles, his primary responsibilities include business and financial management, corporate strategy, strategic planning, policy development and advocacy. Lindsay has been admitted as a Barrister and then Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Management, Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Institute of Public Administration Australia.

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