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Supply Circles: Emerging opportunities in Defence Industry supply chains with Sarah Pavillard, CEO Adroita

Sarah returns to provide clarity to the confusing plethora of announcements coming out of government regarding the Defence Industry. With her usual insightful commentary Sarah explains what’s going on, what is means for business and what we should do next to capture the opportunity.

In a wide-ranging and engaging conversation, Sarah explains the many recent announcements and what they provide for businesses:

  • The review of Australian Navy surface fleet review (Enhanced Lethality Surface Combatant review)
  • The important (to business) ‘The Defence Industry Development Review’
  • The plans for building a very large SovereignDefence Ship Building capability
  • The challenges of creating sovereign supply chains with truly Australian SMEs
  • The concerns regarding skills shortage in STEM
  • The steps businesses should take to get ready for the emerging Defence Industry
  • And much more.

This is a fascinating, important, and timely conversation and one not to be missed.

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James Scotland

After a long career in multiple aspects of supply chain management, corporate training and business advisory, James brings a business improvement mindset to his role as General Manager of Supply Chain Resilience for Ai Group. A skilled communicator and adviser, James has been involved with Oil & Gas, the Defence industry and supply chain across the board for over 40 years.

James has a Masters degree in International Management and a partially completed Doctor of Business Administration. He says he'll get around to finishing it when he retires.