Ai Group members can network with other businesses in their industry at our sector forums and cluster network meetings - held regularly across a range of industry sectors and working groups, as part of a new service linking members working within key industry verticals. 

Through our industry sector networks we're now creating even more opportunities to build communities of interest for businesses within industry sectors. 

Our approach comprises the delivery of specialist services to the sectors including networking opportunities, development of supply chains, policy representation and working groups with businesses operating in specialised fields. 

Tailored information services also complement the new sector services through the provision of targeted newsletters, news alerts and industry sector updates. 

As well, core membership services in the areas of workplace relations, OHS & workers' compensation, training, skills development and export and business development also form part of the services available to members identified in the sectors. 

Ai Group is committed to enhancing the value of services offered to members operating across specialist sectors, by further building on our strong engagement and relationship with all members. The provision of tailored services, designed to meet the dynamic and changing needs of members working in a globally competitive environment, adds even further value to Ai Group membership. Each of the sectors integrates horizontally with the others, so all members will benefit from the cross fertilisation of ideas which have the potential to help members develop and enhance their business practices. 

If you are interested in the issues which concern your industry or want to understand the impact of government regulations on your company, speak with your industry sector contact today - call 1300 55 66 77 or email 

Workplace Relations policy industry meetings

Ai Group runs a number of Workplace Relations policy industry meetings on a sector basis. Currently the following groups meet regularly:

  • Defence
  • Information, Communication and Technology 
  • Labour Hire
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Technology
  • Contract Services
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Transport Recycle and Waste
  • Mining Services
  • Construction Supply Chain
  • Retail and Fast Food
  • Utilities
  • Construction (Contractors)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Network

For more information email 

Labour hire

Many Ai Group member companies operate in the labour hire sector. Australian Industry Group has promoted labour hire as a legitimate and growing industry by lobbying both State and Federal Governments on industrial relations and occupational health and safety issues affecting the labour hire sector. In addition, Ai Group provides its members with on-the-spot industrial relations advice relevant to the labour hire sector.  

This includes advice on: Award coverage and rates of pay to assist in providing quotations to clients; How to manage labour hire employees engaged in a client's business; General employment law issues associated with labour hire arrangements 

Ai Group runs a number of Workplace Relations policy industry meetings on a sector basis. For more information on the Labour Hire industry meetings contact National Manager for Workplace Relations Policy Nicola Street.    

For labour hire advice, you can phone the Workplace Advice Line (1300 55 66 77 ). For specific hiring of apprentices, phone 1300 761 944. 

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The Workplace Advice Line is Ai Group’s national telephone advisory service for all your on the spot workplace related questions.

Call the Workplace Advice Line
1300 55 66 77 and press option 1
(Overseas: +61 3 9867 0100). Email:

Weekdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm
(Australian Eastern Daylight/Standard Time)

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