The Officers of Ai Group are the elected representatives of Members and Councillors of Ai Group. The current list of Officers which includes the Branch Councillors and National Councillors as well as Office-bearers is available from the Fair Work Commission website or from the registered office of Ai Group (email Michael McConnell).  

The management team of Ai Group is headed by Innes Willox, the Chief Executive. The full team is listed below:

  • Chief Executive: Innes Willox
  • Chief Financial Officer: Michael McConnell
  • Chief Operating Officer: Jodie van Deventer
  • Chief People Officer: Belinda Woods
  • Chief Safety Officer: Annette Alexander 
  • Chief Policy Advisor: Peter Burn
  • Head National Workplace Relations Policy: Brent Ferguson
  • Head Legal & Consulting: Victoria Halliday
  • Head of Apprentice & Trainee Centre: Peter Nolan
  • Head Education and Training: Megan Lilly
  • Head Industry Development and Policy: Louise McGrath 
  • Head Corporate Affairs: Anthony Melville
  • Head State Leadership: Helen Waldron
  • Head Victoria: Timothy Piper
  • Head Northern Australia: Dean Deighton
  • Head Queensland: Michelle Farquhar
  • Head South Australia: Estha van der Linden
  • Head Commercial: Kristian Stratton
  • Head Defence & National Security: Kate Louis
  • Director Member Services: Vivienne Filling
  • Director Membership: Kylie McCoy
  • Director Research & Economics: Dr Jeffrey Wilson
  • Director IT: Mark Schmidt


Our Purpose

To empower industry success for a better Australia

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The Workplace Advice Line is Ai Group’s national telephone advisory service for all your on the spot workplace related questions.

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Weekdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm
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