Ai Group offer members forums for networking, expert advice and access to decision makers on electricity, gas and environmental policies that affect your business.    

We strive to work on behalf of industry as a whole and industry sub-sectors for improved policy and standing with respect to climate, energy and environment issues as we evolve into a net-zero emissions world. 

We have strong political engagement with ministers, shadows and the public service through direct discussion and submissions and public engagement through media interviews, opinion pieces, social media, public forums.

As a representative of industry on government and energy supplier consultative bodies and technical working groups we are your voice to the decision makers. 

Our team produces regular reports on the state of the energy markets which help shape the public policy agenda to reflect member concerns and priorities as well as inform members. 

To facilitate collaboration and provide input into Ai Group policy, we regularly convene Leaders Group on Energy and Climate, made up of member companies with the strong interest in energy and climate issues. Participants can hear about top issues facing industry and share briefings from Ai Group, external experts and decision makers.

For more information contact Tennant Reed, Director - Climate Change and Energy at  

Tennant Reed

Tennant Reed is Director - Climate Change and Energy at Ai Group.  He has worked on these issues since 2008, advising Ai Group’s Leaders’ Group on Energy and Climate Policy; coordinating joint research and advocacy with wider energy stakeholders; facilitating the Australian Climate Roundtable; developing reports on energy prices, carbon border adjustments and business energy use; reviewing emissions targets for the State of Victoria; and closely observing international climate negotiations.

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