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Supply Circles: For maximum business efficiency and demand, listen to people with Leanne Farnworth, Founder of LAMP

Business is a human-centred endeavour, and the one thing you can guarantee about people is that they change constantly. 

So one of the challenges for businesspeople is to keep up-to- date with the shifting needs and attitudes of your customers and stakeholders.

In this episode, James and Leanne discuss ways to engage the multiple relationships within your supply chain eco-system, how to get the best from the relationships and how to ensure your ideas and goals are understood, accepted and implemented.

In an engaging conversation James and Leanne share stories and anecdotes and seek ways to be better at managing ‘our customers’.

Leanne says we need to ask ourselves, our customers and our suppliers:  “What is it that they need to achieve, to achieve success? And as a business, if we can align our solutions to that, then we're creating products and services that are very sticky and very desired by that audience.”

About Leanne

Leanne Farnworth, the Founder of LAMP, brings over 25 years of design and business expertise. As an awarded design leader and entrepreneur, she has achieved transformational results, including her work with Deloitte in the Federal Government's Entrepreneurs' Programme where she advised and facilitated 120+ businesses across Australia.

Leanne's design-led approach is highly sought after by diverse, high-performing businesses across industry sectors. She empowers leadership teams to cultivate customer-focused, purpose-driven strategies that fuel innovation and create value. Connect to Leanne on LinkedIn here.

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James Scotland

After a long career in multiple aspects of supply chain management, corporate training and business advisory, James brings a business improvement mindset to his role as General Manager of Supply Chain Resilience for Ai Group. A skilled communicator and adviser, James has been involved with Oil & Gas, the Defence industry and supply chain across the board for over 40 years.

James has a Masters degree in International Management and a partially completed Doctor of Business Administration. He says he'll get around to finishing it when he retires.