Ai Group's Supply Chain Resilience assists member businesses to identify the change improvement opportunities and business efficiency gains needed to sustain a modern business, and to find innovative and modern solution to the challenge of continuous business improvement and ongoing industry disruptions.  

Businesses in Australia, and globally, are in transition and this brings many opportunities and challenges.  Supply chain operations are becoming more visible, more digitalised, decarbonised and more demanding. Every business needs to address the challenges of a digitalised, decarbonised and demanding world.

Supply Chain Resilience works with members and industry to help provide clarity and assistance for business improvements during this transition. In particular, our General Manager James Scotland hosts a fortnightly podcast ‘Supply Circles’ that addresses these issues and offers solutions and innovations.

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Supply Circles Podcast

In this podcast, we talk to innovators, operators, business thinkers and academics as we search for the latest approaches to success, as we seek clarity in the chaos of change. We take a uniquely Australian approach to addressing the supply chain challenges, we poke into some unusual and interesting corners of supply chain, and we have some fascinating conversations along the way.

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Understanding Modern Supply Chains

Until the 1970s businesses did everything they could ‘in-house’…. As much as possible businesses handled all aspects of production and distribution within their organisation: businesses had engineers, mechanics, fitter and turners, design people, time and motion experts, procurement staff, big warehouses holding everything conceivable including significant office suppliers, fleet managers, travel arrangers, sales planners and so much more…. They even had employees staffing the canteens… and often a much loved ‘tea lady’ bringing tea and biscuits to office staff.

And all this was managed and coordinated and planned by General Managers.

Over time everything not regarded as the core functions of the business have been outsourced. And the former general managers are now called Chief Operating Officers, or Supply Chain Managers or Business Improvement Managers, each looking to gain maximum effectiveness from the complex and dynamic labyrinth of relationships called business today.

Ai Group’s Supply Chain Resilience addresses the question- how do we make the complex inter-related labyrinth of relationships work in a way that makes our businesses sustainable and resilient despite the constant disruptions and changes of our changing economy.

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