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The Ai Group Construction Supply Chain Council (CSCC) is pleased to present this webinar on infrastructure and related sustainability issues.

Sustainability and ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) are becoming business imperatives, with actions, outcomes and impact being operationalised beyond reporting.

Australia is following many other jurisdictions in progressing the introduction of mandatory sustainability disclosure standards with a focus initially on climate-related disclosure and this will include entities involved in the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme.

Infrastructure rating and other reporting requirements are already being implemented across the construction sector, but what does the future hold for businesses in the construction supply chain?

This CSCC webinar provided a perspective on what is coming and what impact new reporting and related requirements may have on supply chain businesses in general.


Lindsay Le Compte, General Manager (Construction & Infrastructure), Ai Group

Patrick Hastings, Acting CEO, Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC)

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