The long-term vision of a circular economy is compelling, the community reaction against plastic waste is clearly strengthening, and bans on international transfer of some of our waste streams make better local waste management urgent.  

However, there are many barriers to the kind of waste management and resource recovery outcomes that industry and the community would like to see, including the difficulty of sustaining markets for recovered materials where they are more expensive than or different in quality to virgin materials. Innovation in technology, business models and policy will be needed. 

State and territory governments have primary responsibility for managing waste through legislation, policy, regulation, strategy and planning, as well as permitting and licensing of waste transport, storage, treatment and disposal operations and Ai Group is committed to working with all stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes for industry and the community. 

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Recycle and Waste Industries

Ai Group runs a number of Workplace Relations policy industry meetings on a sector basis. For more information on the Recycle and Waste Industries meetings contact National Manager WPR Advocacy & Policy Brent Ferguson.   



Trinette Jaeschke, National Manager of Ai Group's Work Health Safety Consulting Services, and her team can provide support, guidance and advice on improving businesses approach to environmental management and environmental issues.