The ACTU has announced a series of protest rallies in October and November, including in Sydney and Melbourne on Tuesday 23 October, as part of its “Change the Rules” campaign.

Employees who fail to attend work to participate in one of the rallies, without the agreement of their employer, would in most circumstances be engaging in unlawful industrial action.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has issued the following notice warning employees of the potential consequences of taking unlawful industrial action and advising employers that it is unlawful to pay employees for periods of unlawful industrial action:

Fair Work Ombudsman Letter: Proposed 23 October 2018 “Change the Rules” rally

Ai Group is strongly opposing the ACTU’s campaign, as explained in a Member Advice sent to Ai Group members on 9 October.

Ai Group is available to provide advice and assistance to Members faced with unlawful industrial action by their employees.