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Thursday, 5 December 2019
  4 December 2019
Ai Group urges crossbench to support Ensuring Integrity Bill
  4 December 2019
High Court: Greater protections for class action members




  4 December 2019
Troubling national accounts highlights fragility of economy
  4 December 2019
Student assessment results (PISA) point to policy failure




  2 December 2019
A-G releases Cooperative Workplaces Discussion paper
  2 December 2019
Important amendments to Anti-Encryption Act still outstanding  




  2 December 2019
PMI®: Weakest manufacturing conditions in three years
  4 December 2019
PSI®: Business conditions drop down a gear in November




Podcast: Why does change hurt?

Some people thrive on change, but for others it can be very stressful. But do we really think that much about how our brains deal with change, why change is sometimes difficult to deal with, and how we can more effectively manage the change curve?

In the latest Ai Group podcast, we speak with Vannessa McCamley, Principal Consultant and founder of Link Success, a learning and development consultancy specialising in the Neuroscience of leadership, performance and productivity, to unlock an organisation's greatest assets: its peoples' brains.

Listen to the podcast >