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Friday, 9 November 2018
  8 November 2018
Legislative amendment needed to prevent casual double-dipping
  FIRST IN SERIES: 8 November
Summary Podcast: Significant Workplace Relations Issues




  BUSINESS LUNCH: 15 November
Ai Group lunch with Opposition Leader ahead of VIC Election
  ONLINE EVENT: 21 November
2018 in Review: Key workplace relations developments




  BLOG: 8 November 2018
IPCC report: implications for Australian climate policy?
  8 November 2018
Government consultation on digital tax paper




  7 November 2018
Australian PCI®: Construction activity contracts in October
  5 November 2018
Australian PSI®: Services sector looking slower in October  




Blockchain for the Industrial Supply chain: Exploring real-use cases for business

If you missed our recent Ai Group online event, in which industry expert Ian Ryan of SAP joined us to explore real-use cases of Blockchain being implemented into business operations, it's now available on our website to watch at your leisure.

While much of the hype over the last few years has been focused on cryptocurrencies, Blockchain also has many other potential applications for manufacturers and other industrial businesses. This includes improving the efficiency of supply chains and therefore customer service, as well as giving businesses an edge over their competitors

Watch the recording now to gain insights into what Blockchain means for businesses and their supply chains:

Watch the webinar >