The HR Resource Centre Remuneration and Reward has been designed by our HR and workplace relation’s experts to provide Ai Group Members with comprehensive resources, support and tools to help them to effectively design, implement and manage their Remuneration and Reward strategy.

Remuneration and Reward is a systematic, structured process with underpinning industrial requirements. Each organisation designs and tailors their own unique remuneration strategy, however all employers are governed by relevant awards, agreements, contracts of employment and legislation. A well thought out remuneration strategy will optimise the success and performance of the organisation by engaging and rewarding employees for the work that they perform. Whist the addition of a ‘reward’ element is not mandatory, there is growing evidence that the appropriate use of incentives can have a strong impact on employee engagement and retention and positively contribute to the business results.

To assist Member’s in accessing the right area specific to their needs, content guides have been created to provide a high-level overview of what to expect from the topic and each sub-toopic including a summary of individual articles, templates and tools.

The Remuneration and Reward topic contains five content guides. Members are encouraged to refer to the below guides to maximise the tools and resources available.

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Ai Group’s Annotated Awards and WR Handbooks have long been among the services most valued by our members.

The Ai Group Annotated Awards and WR Handbooks provide a simple but comprehensive guide to assist you in meeting your employer obligations.