A strong remuneration strategy is an integral and primary tool for HR practitioners and leaders as it works to bring out the best potential of employees whilst balancing the financial needs of the business. 

A well thought out remuneration strategy will optimise the success and performance of the organisation by engaging and rewarding employees for the work that they perform. Whist the addition of a ‘reward’ element is not mandatory, there is growing evidence that the appropriate use of incentives can have a strong impact on employee engagement and retention and positively contribute to the business results.

The Remuneration and Reward topic has been designed by our HR and workplace relation’s experts to provide Ai Group Members with comprehensive resources, support, and tools to help them to effectively design, implement and manage their Remuneration and Reward strategy.

The Remuneration and Reward topic contains four core sub-topics:

  1. Compliance and Policy
  2. Elements of Remuneration
  3. The Remuneration Review
  4. Reward and Recognition

Members are encouraged to access our Content Guides for more detailed information about how they can leverage these new tools and resources. Each employer will have their own bespoke approach to remuneration which will be guided by industry, size, industrial compliance and the culture of the business.

Remuneration is an element that impacts each employee, so there is a strong motivation for organisations to adopt a proactive approach that provides them the framework for financial success, whilst working to attract, engage and retain high performing employees. This new section will provide a strong foundation for new practitioners and further support more experienced leaders.

Given the requirement to meet industrial compliance, it is always recommended that employers contact Ai Group for specific advice and assistance.



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