The Industry 4.0 Higher Apprenticeship program continues its national rollout, with opportunities for businesses and potential apprentices in most states. Higher Apprentices will complete the Diploma of Applied Technologies under a contract of training similar to normal apprenticeship arrangements.

The Diploma of Applied Technologies offers training in new digital technologies including networking, big data, cloud computing and digital control systems. It is designed to train technicians and paraprofessionals; not just in manufacturing, but also in other sectors affected by digitalisation. Some companies that have already signed on have come from sectors as diverse as energy transmission, water supply and wine production.

Training in most states will commence during 2020.

  • In South Australia, industrial automation trainers Skills Lab, part of the SAGE group of companies, commence training the first group in the Diploma in May 2020. The second group is expected to commence delivery in early 2021, with Skills Lab possibly working in collaboration with TAFE SA.
  • In Queensland, TAFE Queensland partnered with Skills Lab and commenced training in July 2020. Three groups based in Brisbane and Townsville are taking part in the pilots. The Queensland Government is reviewing the pilots and considering mainstream funding of the program from 2021.
  • In New South Wales, Skills Lab commenced delivery of the training in July. The expectation is that a second group will commence early in 2021.
  • In Tasmania, TasTAFE has combined with the University of Tasmania to offer a combined trade qualification with an Associate Degree in Applied Technologies.
  • In Victoria, RMIT University will be offering the program from 2021. Swinburne University offers a similar program but without formal training contract arrangements
  • The Western Australian government has approved and funded the program, and South Metropolitan TAFE is intending to offer the program early in 2021.

Some companies are using the program to upskill existing workers who have already completed a trade qualification. Others are using it to train new entrants.

A detailed brochure about the Diploma can be found here.

For further information contact:

New South Wales

Peter Canavan

0437 305 524


Peter Canavan

0437 305 524

South Australia

Shawn Matthews

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Peter Canavan

0437 305 524


Craig Hilton

0417 243 444

Western Australia

Kristian Stratton

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