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Ai Group is convening a collaborative Forum of industry leaders and organisations to support Australian industry transformation.
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The Internet of Beer

internet of beer

Find out how an Aussie business uses the internet of things (IoT) to take beer making & fermentation technology to the next level.
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What is Industry 4.0?

New technologies and new ways of working are transforming the nature of work and reshaping the Australian and global economies. Automation is now moving beyond routine manufacturing activities and has the potential, at least with regard to technical feasibility, to transform sectors that involve a substantial share of knowledge work. Developments in artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, unprecedented computer power, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, are underpinned by a number of major technologies which will change the nature of the link between technology and work.

The current trend of improved automation, machine-to-machine and human-to-machine communication, artificial intelligence, continued technological improvements and digitalisation in manufacturing is known as Industry 4.0 or the ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

Businesses need to stay informed and respond to the opportunities and challenges that this transformation will bring.

What Action can Businesses Take to Prepare?

  • DEVELOP A STRATEGY PLAN: Identify where automation could transform your organisation and plan the migration through a digital strategy which includes the digital skills capability of your workforce.
  • REVIEW WORK ORGANISATION: Review the organisational changes needed as automation upends entire business processes. Organisational cultures must view automation as a reliable productivity lever.
  • DEVELOP LEADERS AND MANAGERS: Companies will need to develop the right management skills. Successful managers will be able to cope with complexity by being able to learn and adapt to changing circumstances, to take risks and to engage in restructuring.
  • FORM PARTNERSHIPS WITH EDUCATION SECTORS: Link with local universities, vocational education and training providers and schools in projects and activities suited to your business to shape the skills you need, and to inject fresh ideas to the company.
  • RE-SKILL YOUR EXISTING WORKFORCE: Regularly upskill your workforce to adapt to requirements of the digital economy.
  • INVEST IN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: To remain competitive companies must participate in innovative practices including collaborating with research organisations in this process.
  • UTILISE GOVERNMENT SUPPORT: Companies need to stay aware of government initiatives and investments that assist in preparing for digitalisation and access them.

Ai Group Support for Business

Ai Group is taking a leading role in assisting businesses to assess and respond to the wide-ranging implications of Industry 4.0 for technological and business model innovation; workforce planning; and skills development and retention.

Most recently, we were announced as one of 15 industry associations appointed to establish a trusted digital advisory service to our members as part of the Australian Government Small Business Digital Champions Project. Find out more here.

How ready is my business?

Ai Group has collaborated with the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) in the development of the futuremapTM survey and diagnostic tool. This has been specifically designed to assist Australian manufacturing SMEs to transform and future proof their business.

Industry 4.0 is rapidly transforming practices across businesses and industries. Digitalisation is breaking down barriers between sectors, eroding previous sources of competitive advantage and creating new markets and market competitors. Businesses must act and respond faster than ever before, all the while dealing with ambiguity and constant change. Identification and capture of the productivity potential of new technologies will be critical to businesses’ competitive advantage, as will collaboration across value chains. Manufacturing will become increasingly data-driven and the trend towards manufacturing businesses offering an ongoing service relationship beyond point of sale will intensify.

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Equip your business with digital skills

When everybody's job is likely to change to some degree, the characteristics of agility, resilience, and flexibility in people will be the key to successful organisations. Workers will need different skills, not just more skills. While some existing jobs may need to be reshaped, if adopted successfully and combined with positive organisational change and effective managerial practices, digital transformation itself will not necessarily be negative to the workforce.

Upcoming Free Training Courses

Online Event: Responding to current market impacts using Industry 4.0 – 28 May; 23 June 2020

Develop your Workplace Relations Strategy

Implications for the future of work

Advancements in artificial intelligence, unprecedented computer power, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data (among other technological progressions) are changing the nature of employment. While innovation may reduce labour demand in discrete industries and occupations, it also triggers a rise in labour demand in others. To remain competitive and sustainable, it is essential that businesses retain the ability to utilise the most efficient organisational structures and methods of organising work, including retaining the flexibility to engage the forms of labour needed to compete effectively with ‘digital disruptors’.

Industry 4.0 necessitates a re-evaluation of traditional workplace relations strategies. Businesses must consider how the shift in workplace form, function and demographics may call for an entirely different strategic workplace relations framework. Given the significant use of Enterprise Agreements within the manufacturing sector, businesses must also carefully consider the renegotiation of their agreements and consider opportunities for increasing flexibility in order to facilitate a new generation of industrial processes and technologies.

Business model innovation

It will be the most adaptable companies that will benefit the most from digitalisation. They will be able to thrive in complex, unpredictable digital environments.

Representing industry views

Ai Group represents thousands of businesses of all sizes and covering many sectors, from manufacturing to construction, defence, labour hire, medical technology, communications and more. On behalf of our members we actively seek to influence the policy of government and regulators.


Ai Group is engaged in delivery of digital thought leadership events, including peer-to-peer forums, webinars and other activities including on Industry 4.0:


Industry 4.0 Seminars

Competing in today’s increasingly digitalised world requires global context and market access, entrepreneurial leadership, a culture of innovation and the adoption of new emerging technologies. But above all, it requires manufacturers to think differently.

We are hosting a series of events in Queensland to help you understand the opportunities.

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ONLINE EVENTS Available to watch now:

Cyber Security Threats for Australian Businesses in 2019 (June 2019)
Blockchain for the industrial supply chain (October 2018)
A new framework to digitally transform your business (October 2018)

How to develop talent for your Industry 4.0 transition (Sept 2018)
Industry 4.0: Shaping Manufacturing's future (July 2018) 
Mitigating data breaches and emerging cyber security threats (May 2018)

Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce/EY Productivity Forum – 3 Nov 2017
Keynote: Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox 
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