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Healthy Workers Healthy Futures

The "Healthy Workers Healthy Futures Initiative", was funded through SA Health's Men's Health Strategy and assisted businesses in undertaking best practice approaches to make workplaces healthier and happier.

While the program is no longer active, the below resources remain relevant for all businesses who are interested in maintaining a healthy workforce.

Why promote Health & Wellbeing in manufacturing?

Australian manufacturing workers have higher rates of lifestyle risk factors compared to the average Australian. This not only affects the individual but also affects the workplace. Addressing these statistics within your workplace is a benefit for all. Healthy workers are almost three times more productive than unhealthy workers, (*Medibank Private; The health of Australia's Workforce, 2005) and record fewer injuries, sick days and work related injury claims.

Improving your workers health and wellbeing by having a healthy workplace can positively impact business profitability, productivity and safety.

The program aims at reducing chronic disease in a workplace setting by:

  • Improving nutrition
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Decreasing smoking
  • Reducing risky alcohol consumption

Benefits to your workplace include:

  • Increased productivity
  • increased worker morale and engagement
  • Increased worker retention
  • Improved corporate image
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Decreased musculoskeletal injury
  • Decreased preseteeism

Free online health check

Why not start with a free online health check? You and your team can complete a simple online check in just a few minutes and get a personalised report on your current state of health.

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Online Health Check

Key wellbeing topics


Healthy eating in the workplace

We can get more out of life, feel better and live longer by eating healthy food. It is estimated that 96% of the manufacturing population fail to eat the recommended servings for fruit and vegetables. Eating well:

  • Improves our body weight and shape, blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Gives us more energy to get through our day
  • Reduces the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and osteoporosis; all benefits for workers and the workplace.

Interested in promoting healthy catering in your workplace?


Quick Link Resources

Eating really well does matter
Eat Well: Australian Government Healthy Workers Portal
Nutrition Brochure for Workers
Nutrition Poster for Workplaces


Physical Activity

It's good to be active for our physical, social and mental wellbeing. The problem is only 47% of South Australians meet the recommended activity levels of 30 minutes or moderate exercise most days. The workplace is a great place to build opportunities for and encourage staff to be more active and less sedentary in their working day and beyond.

Click here for ideas about how to improve physical activity and reduce sitting time in the workplace.

Quick Link Resources

Be Active: SA Health
Move More: Australian Government Healthy Workers Portal 
Physical Activity Brochure for Workers
Physical Activity Posters for Workplaces



Tobacco smoking is the single greatest cause of preventable death in Australia. Every year, around 1140 South Australians die from tobacco-related causes. In the manufacturing sector, almost 25% of workers continue to smoke.

Workplaces that promote and support employees to quit smoking can benefit from a healthier and happier workforce and a safer, cleaner workplace for everyone. 

Click Here to address smoking in your workplace.

Quick Link Resources

Ideas to reduce smoking in your workplace
Smoke Free: Australian Government Healthy Workers Portal
The risks of smoking: SA Health
Smoking Brochure for Workers
Smoking Poster for Workplaces
Quitline: Cancer Council



While it is ultimately an individual's decision to drink alcohol, its misuse can sometimes be linked back to the workplace and work practices; such as work environment, shift work, alcohol availability, workplace culture and interpersonal relationships. In the manufacturing sector, over 25% of workers drink alcohol at risky levels.

Workplaces are a really good setting for promoting healthy attitudes towards responsible alcohol consumption, especially through workplace education and promotion.

Click here to promote responsible drinking for your workplace.

Quick Link Resources

Ideas to reduce alcohol consumption in your workplace
Australian Drug Foundation
DrinkWise Australia
The risks of drinking alcohol: SA Health
Alcohol: Australian Government Healthy Workers Portal
Alcohol Brochure for Workers
Alcohol Poster for Workplaces

Begin a wellbeing program

The Healthy Workers – Healthy Futures toolkit is designed to make it easier for workplaces, large or small, to implement and manage their own health and wellbeing programs, and to strengthen existing ones. It is a step by step guide to designing, implementing and evaluating a workplace health and wellbeing program.
Download the HWHF toolkit

Book in a Workplace Wellness Audit

A workplace audit is a key step in the process of making your organisation healthier. The wellness audit tool is designed to assess the current wellbeing status of your entire workplace by comprehensively addressing key areas of wellbeing (smoking, alcohol, nutrition and physical activity).
Access the Organisational Wellbeing Audit

Survey your workers

The Needs Assessment Survey tool is designed to determine the health needs of your workforce. Determining what wellbeing initiatives your workers are interested in will go a long way to the successful implementation of a wellbeing program.
Access the Employee Welbeing Survey

Workplace champion training

Workplace champions play an important role in communicating with and engaging staff to adopt healthy behaviours. They are an advocate for wellbeing, and instrumental in promoting a positive health culture. Health and wellbeing programs are more likely to be successful when there are one or more champions within a workgroup.

Contact us to find out more regarding workplace champion training.

Men's health links and resources

Why focus on men's health?

As it stands, the life expectancy of men is less than women, and men experience higher levels of chronic disease in comparison to the female population. This gives good reason to improve the health of the male population, especially in a workplace setting.

Men's Health Links

Promote a brief online health check to your workforce
Men's Line Australia:

Other resources and links

Blog: Is too much sitting really the new standing?

Case Studies

Wingfield business Intercast & Forge, which employees 230 workers, and is Australia's largest cast iron foundry, has welcomed the opportunity to address a wide range of Wellbeing topics as part of the Healthy Worker's Healthy Futures initiative, and it is already starting to pay dividends for staff health!

See the Intercast & Forge Health & Wellbeing Checklist


Family run hay exporter Johnson’s wanted to improve the health and wellbeing of their workers. The SA Healthy Workers Healthy Futures program assisted them in achieving this; with some great results.

Free online health check

Why not start with a free online health check? You and your team can complete a simple online check in just a few minutes and get a personalised report on your current state of health.

Just click the image below to get started

Online Health Check

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