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As a small business owner, you know how important it is to promote your business well on social media. The statistics are undeniable: Australians are spending more and more of their time on social media, and finding more and more of their products & services on there, than ever before.

Which means that if you aren't promoting your business well on social media, you could soon be out of business.

But how do you ensure a thriving social presence? If you have a few thousand dollars to spare every month, you could hire a social media agency to do it for you, but many small businesses simply can’t afford to do that. So how do you get the job done yourself without spending hours a day creating posts, monitoring comments, etc, etc?

This webinar answers that question by providing a simplified approach to social media management for small businesses, including a range of tips, techniques and tools that will put your social media accounts on overdrive while at the same time allowing you to spend your time where you really want or need to (ie. NOT on social media!).

What you'll learn:

  • The social media platform(s) that you should be active on
  • The type(s) of content that will get you the best results on those platforms
  • Top tips for getting the best results with the least time spent
  • Recommended techniques & tools that will make your social media life much easier

The program is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements for the Victorian Floods which commenced in October 2022 (AGRN 1037) (the “Victorian Floods”).

Business Recovery Advisory Service - Victoria

The Business Recovery Advisory Service provides expert guidance and tailored support to small businesses located in an eligible local government area affected by the 2022 Victorian floods.

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