Yonca Crew

Yonca Crew

Principal Consultant
Ai Group Strategic Business Consulting

  0412 345 678

Yonca leads Ai Group’s strategy, organisational design, and development consulting service. Her work includes a mix of strategic advisory, delivery, and capability building.

Companies’ ability to prepare for the future requires balancing day to day demands as well as pursuing goals that create long-term value. Factors that make businesses successful today may change over time and companies need to make choices that go beyond optimisation of the status quo. Yonca’s strategy development support helps companies to think critically about their growth options and helps them to build capability to assess if their strategy is working. Apart from strategy development support, Yonca works with companies on strategy execution trough Execution Partnership, Organisational Change and Leadership Development.

Strategy development often involves assessing performance and capability gaps and implementing necessary changes to address them. Executive Partnership work involves translating strategy into actionable goals and embedding processes to achieve them. Her Organisational Design work help businesses to achieve their strategic direction by aligning their organisational structure, workflows, and resources to the most value-added activities. This often requires an honest assessment of what businesses need to change going forward whether it is a different set of leadership skills or improved ways of working.

Based on past HR experience, Yonca understands that how people work with and relate to others, how they are managed has a direct impact on commercial outcomes. Long-term company success requires development of leaders who are authentic and strategic influencers and who can engage and motivate their staff around the business goals. Developing staff equipped with relevant strategic, relational, and emotional skills are becoming more important than ever and these are the core aspects of Yonca’s Organisational Development work.

For more than twenty tears, Yonca worked with companies on the challenges of building sustainable and resilient businesses. Prior to joining Ai Group, Yonca advised over 100 clients and supported them to develop winning business strategies that result in significant financial and productivity gains. Her clients have included global companies such as Electrolux, European Patent Organisation, large city councils as well as Small to Medium Size Enterprises across the globe.

Yonca holds a MSc in Human Resource Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science, has a BSc in Geology Engineering from the Technical University of Istanbul and a Doctoral degree in Education from the University of Leicester School of Education, a postgraduate diploma in Design Thinking with Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Emeritus. She is currently studying for an Advanced Certificate in Design thinking with IDEO.

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