Employers have been reporting that higher education graduates are not work-ready – that they are often lacking fundamental employability skills. Employers surveyed by Ai Group in 2018 expressed their highest levels of dissatisfaction for recruited graduates in the areas of self-management, planning and organising; literacy and numeracy; teamwork and communication; and knowledge of chosen career.

Exposing students to workplace experiences not only gives them an opportunity to practice what they have learnt and build some new skills, but will also improve their employability upon the completion of their studies.

Whilst students are on the receiving end of new skills and techniques, companies significantly benefit from engaging with them as part of their studies. Even a small involvement can greatly assist your company. Students begin to become more employable and grounded in workplace practices, cultures and systems from any level of industry exposure. There are numerous ways to connect with students, and your involvement can range from small to large.

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