This is the second instalment of data from the Ai Group Centre for Education and Training's 2024 Skills and Workforce Survey.

(The first Research Insight is available here: The big picture, jobs and skills)

Ai Group’s Centre for Education and Training surveys a cross-section of Australian businesses every two years to learn more about skills and workforce challenges across the economy.

This comprehensive, future-facing survey asks companies about the external and
internal factors driving their skills and workforce needs now and into the future. It also asks where the skills challenges or shortages are, and the steps businesses plan to take to develop or acquire the skills and capabilities they consider they need to succeed.

The survey has asked businesses about digital transformation and digital skills for some time, providing data on the evolving demand for these capabilities. This year, for the first time, the survey takes a deeper look at the impact of generative AI, exploring what it might mean for workforces, jobs and skills.

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