Manufacturing in Australia

Key industry trends

  • Manufacturing performance has strongly rebounded during and following the pandemic – with material increases in value-add, employment, exports, financial performance and capex.
  • Australian manufacturing is consolidating into more competitive subindustries. Food & beverages and metals production have grown, while petrochemicals, machinery and other manufacturing have declined.
  • Manufacturing has faced tough cost pressures during the recent period of inflation but has also enjoyed buoyant sales price growth. Manufacturer margins have improved since the pandemic.
  • Labour supply is the most acute pressure on Australian manufacturing today. Job vacancies are at record rates, job turnover is growing, and wages growth is at a 16-year high.
  • Manufacturing has been very successful in reducing its gender pay gap, which has fallen from 16.8% to 11.2% in a decade. However, workforce gender composition is proving slow to change.

Key industry Key industry trends numbers for 2023

In 2023, Australian manufacturing saw a:


Real output growth

Employment growth

Gross operating profits growth


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