The AUKUS Defense Ministers Meeting at the Defence Innovation Unit Headquarters in
California witnessed key announcements and endorsements, shaping the AUKUS
enhanced defence and security partnership.

The AUKUS Defense Ministers Meeting Joint Statement, released on December 2, 2023,
confirms the commitment of the three nations to maximise the strategic and
technological advantages of AUKUS.
The Secretaries and Deputy Prime Minister agreed that advancing AUKUS requires a
continued focus on streamlining defence trade controls and information-sharing, while
minimising policy and financial barriers
across public and private sectors. They directed
their organisations to take additional steps to promote efficient collaboration in defence
and industry among the three nations.

These activities aim to enhance the capabilities, collective security, and deterrence of the
AUKUS partners in the face of an evolving strategic and security environment.
The statement also reaffirms commitments to key areas:

  • Pillar I: Conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines
  • Pillar II: Advanced capabilities

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