This Member Advice provides important information about:

  • Upcoming WHS and workers’ compensation webinars for members.
  • Regulators publish new WHS strategies in NSW and WA – outlining the focus of their compliance and enforcement activities.
  • Workers’ Compensation premium news for 2024/25.
  • Legislative Changes:
    • Commonwealth – Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Legislation Amendment (Safety and Other Measures) Bill 2024.
    • South Australia – Work Health and Safety (Review Recommendations) Amendment Bill 2024.  
    • Victoria – Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Regulations 2024
    • Western Australia – Rules for Conciliation and Arbitration 2024
    • Northern Territory – Psychosocial Codes adopted. 
  • Bills before Parliament:
    • Queensland – Electrical Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024, which includes amendments to the Work Health and Safety Act and the Safety in Recreational Water Activities Act.
    • New South Wales – Work Health and Safety Amendment (Industrial Manslaughter) Bill 2024.
    • Tasmania – Work Health and Safety Amendment (Industrial Manslaughter) Bill 2024
  • Inquiries and public comment
    • National – Discussion paper: Review of crane licensing
  • Publications of interest: 
    • Western Australia – Worst hazards in Western Australian workplaces.
  • Opportunities to engage in policy discussions that are not public comment processes.

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