Over recent months Ai Group members have been reporting that skill shortages are a key barrier to day-to-day operations and business growth. The combination of closed borders, a rapid jobs recovery and a lack of job applicants with the required skills has meant that more than a quarter of Australian businesses are having difficulty finding suitable staff, according to the ABS.


In response to this issue, Ai Group’s Centre for Education and Training Member Network dedicated its July forum to a discussion about skills shortages.


After hearing from members at the forum, a report has been developed providing examples of the types of skill shortages occurring and showcasing market leading strategies to overcome them. The report contextualises member reported shortages within broader macroeconomic trends and the current policy mix. It outlines the short, medium and long-term approaches businesses can adopt to prevent abrupt skill shortages hindering their business operations and growth.


The report also identifies the opportunities for key stakeholders – government, education and training providers, industry associations – to holistically address the enduring skill shortage problem.


To discuss your company’s skill shortage issues contact the Centre for Education and Training.

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