Ai Group’s Centre for Education and Training drives bold new thinking on education and training in the context of work. It explores new ways to build skills and capabilities for companies to succeed now and into the future.

Its proactive research, policy and advocacy agenda strives to ensure Australia’s skill development outcomes are in line with current and emerging economic needs, at the same time linking the real needs of industry with the training, education and career aspirations of individuals. 

To enable this the Centre:  

  • Provides thought leadership on human capital requirements and the policies needed to support them
  • Undertakes high quality evidence-based research that informs improvements in workforce capability
  • Champions and pilots fresh education and training ideas and concepts 
  • Assists companies to address their current and future workforce needs through advice and information on skills and training issues
  • Hosts member networks and events that bring together the education and training community and employers
  • Guides company workforces on quality learning and development frameworks and programs. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your company’s skills issues and plans, our research and reports, or the members’ network.

Meet the Team

Megan Lilly

Megan has an enduring commitment to research, policy and advocacy in education and training, especially in relation to work.  In leading the work of the Centre, Megan represents members on a diverse number of international, national, and state based committees, councils and boards. Megan is a strong advocate for reform and has been involved in key national reforms over many years. Megan is firm in the belief the capacity of education and training to transform lives.

Anne Younger - General Manager, Policy and Projects

Working with members and other key stakeholders, Anne is responsible for policy development that addresses skills, education and training issues and builds workforce capability. Anne oversees the Centre’s projects that support education and training innovation in, and for, industry. An economist, Anne has experience with business advisory services and worked for many years in the VET sector.

Sarah Pilcher - Research and Policy Manager

Sarah leads the Centre’s research program, and comes to Ai Group with considerable experience in creating a targeted, policy-focused research agenda. She works to combine member data with broader research insights to create a rich evidence base to underpin the Centre’s policy and advocacy work.

Peter Canavan - Senior Policy Officer, Education and Training

Peter contributes to education and training policy and manages Centre projects including state industry skills advisory projects and apprenticeship and traineeship projects that often explore new models. Peter has many years' experience in the vocational training sector, and has managed projects for the Victorian Government relating to education and training.

Paolo Damante - Senior Policy Officer, Education and Training

Paolo contributes to the Ai Group Centre for Education & Training's policies and is a member on a number of national and state secondary and tertiary education industry advisory bodies. Paolo project manages state government-funded projects centred on education-industry partnerships in the defence industry. He also administers the CET’s Member Network.

Brett Crossley - Research and Policy Officer

Brett contributes to the Centre’s ongoing research and policy development projects. As the Centre’s main data collector and analyst, he is interested in finding and drawing links between various datasets and developing evidence-based policy that can lead to improved system performance and productivity growth.

    Mel Ireland - Queensland Policy Officer and Projects Leader

    Mel has over 10 years’ experience in both sales and operational management, compliance and environmental management in both state-based and global companies. Mel has a passion for connecting businesses, government and research institutes to find solutions that enhance business capabilities. She is a strong advocate for the effective adoption of Industry 4.0 principles and Circular Economy practices within business.

    Andrew Elsbury

    Andrew coordinates the Defence Science Institute’s Defence Industry Scholarships Program for the Centre which involves supporting SMEs in Victoria’s defence industry with hosting final-year higher education students in industry placements and bolstering their higher skills workforce needs. Andrew has two decades of experience in communications roles in State and Federal Government, most recently as a Government Relations Consultant in the private sector.

    Marina Dimoska - Mentor, Women in STEM

    Marina is the dedicated coach/mentor for the Women in STEM program. Providing support to trainees and employers throughout the traineeship/apprenticeship journey. Marina comes with a teaching background within the higher education sector, specialising in IT/Computer Science disciplines and is passionate about helping people discover their journey within the STEM sector.

      Sonya Casey - Women in STEM Apprenticeships Project Officer

      Sonya has extensive experience in the VET sector in Australia and Internationally. Sonya is managing the implementation of a Victorian Government funded project, which is focused on providing opportunities for women to enter the engineering, IT and Industry 4.0. Sonya is passionate about building the capabilities of individuals, and supporting them to achieve their aspirations.

        Terrie Muller - Executive Assistant

        Terrie Muller coordinates and provides administrative support for the Centre. Her previous roles as Legal Secretary, Project Manager, Executive Assistant, and her Bachelor of Behavioural Science qualification make Terrie a well-rounded team member. Terrie is passionate in assisting her team to maximise their success and the Centre’s member experience.

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        Get in touch with the Centre for Education & Training to discuss your company’s skills issues and plans, our research and reports, or the members’ network.

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