Australian Industry Group Defence Council

Australia's defence industry is recognised as a fourth arm of our nation's security umbrella in its support of the Australian Defence Force.  The Australian Industry Group Defence Council is the principal voice for our defence industry.  Member companies' activities cover the whole array of defence business – from systems and platform development, manufacture and through-life support and facilities construction through to providing base services and support for ADF personnel.

The activities of the Australian Industry Group Defence Council are guided by its National Executive which comprises the CEOs of Australia's leading defence companies, working with and supporting the ADF.

The Australian Industry Group Defence Council is pursuing three main goals:

  • Recognition of Australian Defence Industry's major role in supplying equipment to, and support of, the Australian Defence Force as well as meeting Australia's national security objectives.
  • Ensuring that the technological knowledge and innovation of Australian defence companies, including SMEs, is formally recognised by all levels of government and the wider community.
  • Continuing to foster the skills and expertise of Australian defence industry, including for priority industry capabilities and as a source of critical support to the Australian Defence Force in meeting its many operational responsibilities.

Membership of the Ai Group Defence Council offers considerable opportunities to improve the health of Australian defence companies, including high level access and a regular supply of information.

Access to decision makers

  • Individual and collective approaches to advisers and decision makers in Defence and Executive Government on defence procurement and security policy issues; and
  • Formal representation of defence and other government consultative forums, including the Capability Advisory Forum, Defence Industry Innovation Board, Contracting Working Group, Expert Industry Panel on Skills,  Ethics Network Australian Defence Industry, Export Control Forum and Defence Reserves Support Council.
  • Access to other defence companies
  • We provide regular opportunities to gain access to, and link with, prime defence contractors and second and third tier companies.
  • Representation to Government and Defence decision makers
  • Submissions;
  • Major publications; and
  • Surveys

Information for Defence Council members
A regular email summary which includes information about major defence activity, including defence-related news and seminars.

Do you employ members of the defence reserve?

Visit the Defence Reserves website to find out about your role, rights and responsibilities when you employ a member of the Defence Reserves. Or contact the Defence Reserves Support help line on 1800 803 485.

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