Working Securely with Defence is a guide to Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership and is designed to help any business or organisation that would like to work with or expand their engagement with Defence and Defence industry.

On 22 February 2021, the Minister for Defence Industry, Hon Melissa Price MP, launched the Guide. A copy of the Minister’s media statement can be found here. Ai Group's media release can be read here.

About the DISP

Defence encourages all organisations interested in working with Defence to consider applying for DISP membership and, in some cases, it is mandatory to join the program if you are doing sensitive or classified work.

The DISP offers substantial benefits to Defence and industry in streamlining security services and protecting Defence information and assets, as well as industry’s intellectual property. A revised DISP was launched on 9 April 2019 to meet the requirements of a modern Defence organisation, representing a fundamental change in approach to industry security.

Working Securely with Defence Guide

Developed by the Security Working Group of the Ai Group Defence Council in cooperation with the Department of Defence, the purpose of the guide is to:

  • provide the pathway for your business to become eligible for classified and sensitive Defence work through participation in the DISP;
  • provide practical guidance, tools and expert advice to help protect Australian organisations from a range of security threats;
  • help build the competitiveness and security resilience of the Defence industry sector through good security practices; and
  • assure international investors and partners of industry’s commitment to Defence security.

The guide includes a range of industry tips, case studies, links to relevant resources, assistance, contacts and templates. With input from Defence and industry, all this information has been designed to assist businesses in putting together their DISP applications.

The guide has been designed as a companion document to the DISP website and should be read in conjunction with all information provided by Defence. The DISP website will be regularly updated to reflect any changes to policy and regulation and is therefore the primary source of information.

Download the Guide

Download the Executive Summary

Download the Annexes


For information about DISP membership, please contact Defence by calling 1800 333 362 or email

For reporting on a security incident please visit the Department of Defence website.

For general enquiries relating to the Ai Group Defence Council, please contact Kate Louis at (02) 6233 0700 or email Kate Louis.

For feedback about the Guide, please complete this form.

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