The forum represents the Australian industry sector for importers and manufacturers of water filter and water treatment products.


The forum provides a network for sharing and managing industry issues such as industry trends, addressing regulatory standards for the Australian market and other factors that may impact our industry.  Our sector covers a wide range of technologies servicing a broad market base including some of those listed below.

Applications Technologies  
Residential drinking water systems  Under sink water filter systems
Commercial water filtration   Water softening
Industrial Water Treatment Plants  Micro, Nano, Ultra Filtration
Municipal Drinking Water Units    Ultraviolet
Swimming Pool Disinfectant Plants  Ozone
  Reverse Osmosis

We want to engage suppliers, government, other industry sectors and the community by increasing access to training and education to ensure Australia remains at the forefront of technology and implementation of water filter and water treatment products.

We will work with relevant regulatory and government bodies to achieve consistency in certification and approvals across our sector that best serves our customer base.


David King Nick LeMessurier Cindy Brazil Brendan Rumbel
Pentair Aquacorp Waterworks 3M

Kevin Moult Karen Mocatta Sandra McLachlan Michael Timbs
Zip Zip Waterworks Waterlogic
Kevin Moult ZIP Karen Mocotta Zip Sandra McLachlan Waterworks Michael Timbs COO Water Logic

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