Many of your workplace related questions can be answered by calling our team of trained and experience advisers on the Workplace Advice Service Infoline, however in some cases if the issues are more complicated or the project requires ongoing or in-house assistance, Ai Group members can access our specialist advisers at member discounted rates. 

With our vast industry experience gained from working for businesses of all sizes in a wide variety of sectors, proven capability in HR and workplace relations - Ai Group’s Workplace Relations Advisers are the best placed to assist with all your people issues. 

HR and workplace relations have become extremely complex and navigating the legal issues often requires specialist assistance. The trouble is these specialised resources may only be needed for a short time. 

Our consulting services include: 

  • Review and drafting of employment policies 
  • Negotiation, review and approval of workplace agreements 
  • Representation in proceedings for unfair dismissal, workplace discrimination or harassment, dispute resolution or other workplace relations and equal opportunity matters 
  • Advice on performance management, disciplinary matters and the management of ill and injured workers
  • Recruitment and selection advice
  • Assistance with termination of employment, including redundancy and transmission of business issues
  • Incident investigations (e.g. responding to complaints of harassment, discrimination or bullying)
  • Project/Contractor Management
  • Major project assistance, including project specific industrial relations management
  • Assistance with Code Compliance in the building/construction sector
  • Development and implementation of industrial relations strategies, including restructuring job redesign, redundancy, outsourcing/off-shoring, transmission of business and outplacement
  • Advising in relation to workplace relations compliance investigations and engaging with the workplace regulator
  • Conducting compliance and management audits
  • Provision of onsite HR/IR resources 

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The Workplace Advice Line is Ai Group’s national telephone advisory service for all your on the spot workplace related questions.

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1300 55 66 77 and press option 1
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Weekdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm
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