Members of the Ai Group Confectionery sector receive a suite of benefits, including access to the Australasian Confectionery Industry Directory.

The directory includes contact details and a comprehensive description of commodities manufactured by our member companies which is useful when buyers are sourcing products from the Australian and New Zealand industry.

It also has details on companies who supply ingredients, packaging, machinery and services to the industry, as well as distributors of the product.

The directory is mailed to all member companies, confectionery/seasonal buyers across the retail/wholesale sector, selected trade offices worldwide and state and regional government departments, but is also available online.

Download the 2020 Directory

Members can keep up to date through a number of channels.

The Ai Group Confectionery Sector's Confectionery Reference Group (CRG) is made up of industry representatives that provide leadership and guidance on policy issues.

The Technical and Regulatory Committee also plays a vital role in the industry's development. It meets regularly to review government policies and regulations and provides input on behalf of the industry.

The committee also oversees the development and delivery of training initiatives, including ConTech. With the support of the Technical and Regulatory Committee, the Ai Group provides assistance and feedback to members on technical and labelling matters.

The Ai Group Confectionery Sector will keep you informed on technical and regulatory updates, market developments and industry news through MediaScan (a weekly brief of local and international media items), web-based information and briefings.

Members will also receive Ai Group's Member Advices, providing alerts on changes to awards, pay scales and allowances, rulings by Fair Work Australia and other business related issues.

We also offer technical and regulatory support, including assistance with labelling compliance and can help you expand your networks via events like ConTech, the confectionery industry's premier event, held annually in Melbourne.

For further information on Ai Group Confectionery Sector email Jennifer Thompson or phone: (03) 9867 0181.

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