Be treatwise® is an important industry initiative to help explain to consumers through on pack and off pack messaging, the place confectionery has, as a treat food, and how it may be included as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle. 

The licence was first launched in Australia in November 2006. The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) now holds the Be treatwise® trade mark on behalf of the confectionery industry in Australia, in trust, and licences it to industry free of charge. In New Zealand the trade mark is held by the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council -- enquiries and applications can be made through the following link

Be treatwise® is available on application to the licence owner's trustee, Confectionery BTW Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ai Group). The trade mark licence is subject to compliance with the Be treatwise®Style Guide. 

Be treatwise® is also a globally recognised trade mark due to the network of licences and registrations that promote the trade mark and its message. The trade mark is registered under different ownership in several countries. 

Over the past few years, consumers have become familiar with the Be treatwise® logo which increasingly has been featured on Australian confectionery packaging. 

The Ai Group and the Confectionery Trust believe that self-regulation and taking responsible steps through participating in programs such as this, with the Health Star Rating (HSR) System, or the Daily Intake Guide, will benefit both the industry and the consumer. 

Confectionery is a recognised treat and we believe that working with a wide range of stakeholders, collectively we will ensure that our industry continues to innovate and prosper. 

Be treatwise® is evolving with industry updating its visual ‘on pack' messaging with its new visual cue, including a new tagline ‘Enjoy a balanced diet'. This means that over the next few years the original style with ‘Get to know your %DI' and new style may both appear in the retail market. 

The Ai Group and the Confectionery Trust encourages the confectionery industry to support this program. 

Further information 

For further consumer and industry information on how Be treatwise®works, how to use it and applying for a trade mark license see 

To obtain a Be treatwise® licence apply here 

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How the Ai Group member licensee will be supported 

As an Ai Group member, a signed up licensee of Be treatwise® and user of the HSR System, further support materials are available, including Be treatwise® Toolkit and Guide for the implementation of the voluntary Health Star Rating System for the Australian confectionery industry. 

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