Over recent years, work has been progressing on the development of guidance material, Codes of Practice, and Regulations focusing on the management of psychological/psychosocial risks in the workplace. Ai Group has developed a a new stream of Member Advices specifically for "Psychological Health and Safety". These advices will outline the current status of Regulations and Codes across Australian jurisdictions. Look at our Member Advice page to find the latest one, or search our site for "Psychological Health and Safety". A new Member Advice will be published whenever a jurisdiction introduces Regulations or Codes. 

With 45% of Australians experiencing a mental health problem in their lifetime, this issue is fast becoming a major focus for employers.

To help your efforts in approaching mental health in a sensitive and pro-active way, we have developed a series of resources and services and commissioned a study into how other Australian businesses are responding to this issue.

Read specific sections of the study and other resources below, or download the entire report by cilcking on the document cover.

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