The Optimising Performance sub-topic provides information and insights that will enable leaders to create a supportive and positive work environment conductive to successful performance. To help organisations bring the best out of every employee proven processes and techniques are explored through the articles, templates and tools available below.

This sub-topic outlines why coaching is good for business and leads to great results. Employers can learn about the role of positive psychology and the difference between a fixed and growth mindset in performance. It also explores the important role of culture in performance and the value of feedback in the performance cycle. Tips and techniques are also provided to leaders for their critical role in successful performance.

This sub-topic will be helpful to leaders and/or HR professionals that have a foundation understanding of performance management and are seeking to explore the role of positive performance and how a growth mindset can bring exceptional results.

Members can learn more about this sub-topic by accessing our Optimising Performance Guide.

Templates & Tools