The Managing underperformance and implementing Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) sub-topic will assist Members to identify, prepare for and manage underperformance. It explores the key steps involved when underperformance occurs and identifies important components of planning to implement a PIP. Articles and tools and templates are provided to support employers, build their  knowledge and help them confidently execute a plan.

There should always be a focus on supporting and working with employees in partnership to identify any gaps and plan to improve their performance to the required standards, however sometimes this is not possible. It may become necessary after appropriate steps are followed to implement a formal disciplinary process. This sub-topic provides the baseline knowledge for Members to have the confidence to initiate a formal process, however it is recommended that they contact Ai Group for further support before beginning the process.

This sub-topic has been created to provide baseline knowledge and is appropriate for those with little or no experience. It is also relevant for those who wish to build on existing knowledge, skills and experience in managing underperformance.

Members can learn more about this sub-topic by accessing our Managing Underperformance and Implementing PIPs Guide.

Templates & Tools