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Waste: State of Play


What's going on with waste policy across Australia? Our latest report covers national and state debates and compares state waste levies.
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Energy & emissions plan

EEC Report

A new Energy Efficiency Council & Ai Group report sets out a practical plan to transform Australia's energy and carbon management market.
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Reliable and affordable energy are necessary for our economy and society to prosper, as is a successful response to climate change. Unfortunately, deep political conflict over energy and climate, particularly at the Federal level, has made public policy into a glaring source of uncertainty inhibiting the investments we need.

We have long been active in seeking change to government energy, climate and environment policy and will continue to do so.  
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Media Releases


Energy Conversations

Ai Group's Tennant Reed hosts a series of interviews with leading energy businesses and experts explaining what is going on in energy – and the risks and opportunities for your business:

What's happening with retail energy markets?: Jane Mills, General Manager Sales & Marketing, Alinta Energy – September 2019

The state of the energy market, where it's going next and what users can do: Brett Spicer, Head of Advisory, ERM Power – June 2019

The changing dynamics of your energy bill – and how to cut your costs: Chloe Munro AO, Monash University – April 2019

A helping hand with energy efficiency: Lee Stewart, NDEVR Environmental – April 2019

The German energy transition – lessons for Australia: Prof. Peter Hennicke, Wuppertal Institute – December 2018

Wholesale energy markets: Sam Larkey, Portfolio Development Manager, Alinta Energy – December 2018

Calling time on gas: Michael Lord, Head of Research, Beyond Zero Emissions – November 2018

The gas import option: James Baulderstone, CEO, Australian Industrial Energy – November 2018


How to cut your gas bill: efficiency guide for manufacturers – 4 October 2018   

Ai Group's Tennant Reed joined by Luke Menzel & Michael East  
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Cutting energy costs in your business – 19 July 2018  

Ai Group's Tennant Reed joined by contracting & efficiency experts 
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Australian Institute of Energy Lunch – 12 April 2018  
Address by Innes Willox, Ai Group Chief Executive 
Restoring Australia's Energy Advantage 
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Ai Group Blog

10 things you should know about Net Zero Emissions – 12 February 2021

Never waste a crisis? – 25 June 2020

Energy update: prices are finally falling – 17 April 2020

COP25 Chile Madrid: is global climate action failing? – 23 January 2020

Climate policy and industry groups: what does 'constructive' look like? – 12 December 2019

Australia’s waste: where does it come from – and where does it go? – 24 October 2019

What did Australia commit to in the Paris Agreement? – 1 August 2019

Energy needs better regulation, no more no less – 27 June 2019

What's up in global climate negotiations? – 14 February 2019

Limiting Global Warming to 1.5°C: what it means and how to achieve it – 8 November 2018


An update on the National Energy Guarantee

Why the fuss about climate policy certainty for the electricity sector?

What would it take to get new coal generators built?

Mind the gap: Why are businesses seeing such large energy price increases?

What will new energy policies actually do?

Should we be looking at new coal-fired power stations?

Energy prices Part 3: What can we do?

Energy prices Part 2: Why is this happening?

Energy prices Part 1: What’s going on?

Energy risks – and opportunities – for manufacturers in the renewables transition

Are SA electricity prices set to spike today?

Who sits the carbon throne?

Carbon pricing after Paris

The Paris Climate Agreement: what is it and what does it mean for business?


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