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Cutting your energy costs


In this webinar, leading energy contracting and efficiency experts cover all the best options for your business.
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Energy impasse drags on


Australia is again in deep trouble on energy & climate policy, Innes Willox writes.
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Our recent report Eastern Australian Energy Prices – From Worse to Bad (see Reports section below) highlights that the improvement in energy prices in 2018 over 2017 is important, but strictly relative. Much more will be needed to restore energy as a competitive advantage. The report outlines the consequences of price increases for industry, and options for improvement across electricity and gas.

We have been actively seeking change in the Government’s energy policy: 
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How to cut your gas bill: efficiency guide for manufacturers – 4 October 2018   
Ai Group's Tennant Reed joined by Luke Menzel & Michael East  
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Cutting energy costs in your business – 19 July 2018  
Ai Group's Tennant Reed joined by contracting & efficiency experts 
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Australian Institute of Energy Lunch – 12 April 2018  
Address by Innes Willox, Ai Group Chief Executive 
Restoring Australia's Energy Advantage 
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