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With Christmas nearly upon us, many workplaces will host celebratory gatherings and events.

The social nature of these events means people tend to engage with one another in ways that are very different from the typical work environment. Often they forget that they are, for all intents and purposes, still 'in the workplace'. And so behaviour during (or even before and after) these events, can give rise to issues such as harassment, discrimination and workers' compensation liability.

It is important for businesses to be across the various obligations they have at these types of events, and to plan appropriately. Steps can (and should) be taken to manage risks and suitable preparations should be made well in advance of the events.

It is also a time where businesses shut down, and there’s a need to consider whether employees are entitled to be paid (for example, through the taking of annual leave) in those circumstances.

This webinar set out some key principles and provide practical guidance and recommendations in relation to:

  • Approaches to these celebratory events, including to account for the diversity of the workforce;
  • Employer obligations with respect to bullying, harassment, discrimination and WHS matters;
  • Shut down arrangements; and
  • Suitable communications with employees.


Katie Hossain, Lawyer, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers and Workplace Relations Adviser, Ai Group

Daniel Murray, Legal Practitioner Director, Ai Group Workplace Lawyers and Principal Adviser, Workplace Relations, Ai Group


Terry Crotty, Regional Manager NSW of Ai Group

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