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In this webinar we heard from Vena Energy’s Anil Nangia about their current project building Queensland’s biggest battery energy storage system (BESS). When commissioned the operation will be capable of discharging up to 100 megawatts (MW) and storing 150 megawatt hours of energy, equivalent to powering up to 57,000 Australian homes. Construction of the $120 Million Wandoan South BESS commenced in October 2020 following the signing of a 15-year deal with energy generator and retailer AGL. The project will commission Queensland’s biggest battery, and the second largest in Australia. It is an exciting development, with opportunities and implications for businesses everywhere.

We also heard from Aggreko’s Warwick O’Dell on their leading edge transition to sustainable energy with mining operations. Aggreko had recently announced the launch of microgrids-as-a-service for customers who want to leverage the benefits of a hybrid energy solution while minimising capital outlay. The implications for mining operations and suppliers into the future are significant.

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