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It's no secret that mental health challenges are keeping people awake at night, both personally and professionally.

The ongoing challenges of lockdowns, remote working, home schooling, high stress, uncertainty and an abundance of fear are taking their toll. For some, there is an undersupply of work and for others there is an abundance of work. Regardless of the situation, both ends of the spectrum are causing a strain on mental health.

Experts believe almost $11B is lost in productivity each year due to Mental illness in workplaces.

In this webinar, we’ll take you through the components of wellbeing frameworks that can be utilised to assist organisations in implementing effective mental health and wellbeing strategies.

The strategies included are all evidence based and incorporate aspects of an integrative system to Mitigate Illness, Prevent Harm and Promote Thriving.

Join us as we explore:

  1. The essential elements of a wellbeing framework
  2. How a wellbeing framework can be used to create Thriving, Psychologically Safe Workplaces
  3. Statistical data on the gains and benefits of focusing on wellness, rather than illness

Our presenters:

Jillian Searant, Health & Safety Consultant Coach, KinetiK Global

Sam D'Angelo, Performance Coach & Director, KinetiK Global

Jillian has 15+ years' experience in Health, Safety and Mental Wellbeing strategies. She coaches organisations to create both physical and psychologically safe workplaces. Sam has 15+ years’ experience in Human Resources strategies and coaches organisations to high performance.

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