Our organisations support a substantial policy push by the Federal Government to address immediate economic pressures and long-term national needs through residential energy upgrades and pursuit of Australia's clean economy potential.

We represent employers and workers, environmental advocates and the energy sector, the community sector and the property sector, investors and those with the least. Our various members are all too aware of the current challenges to the cost of living and the cost of doing business, as well as the risks and opportunities our nation faces as climate change impacts grow and the global energy transition proceeds.

Meanwhile, industry faces both the risk of economic disruption from shifts in global energy use – and the potential for new good quality jobs, activity and investment as demand grows for the clean minerals, metals, componentry and skills that a net zero world requires. Concurrently too many Australians must make do with energy-inefficient homes that are expensive to live in and increasingly unsafe as extreme high temperature days become more common.

The 2024-25 Federal Budget is an opportunity to make meaningful and achievable long-term gains through:

  • ambitious energy upgrades for households,
  • vigorous pursuit of current and future clean economy opportunities; while
  • prioritising those on low incomes.

Public investment and incentives, private investment, and the full range of facilitative policy reforms all have parts to play. Each needs to be matched to the scale of the challenges we must overcome and the potential we hope to realise.


The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group)
Australian Conservation Foundation
Australian Council of Social Service
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Clean Energy Council
Energy Efficiency Council
Investor Group on Climate Change
Property Council of Australia

Media enquiries

Ai Group: Tony Melville, 0419 190 347

ACOSS: 0419 626 155, media@acoss.org.au

ACTU: Cameron Warasta, 0447 159 467 cwarasta@actu.org.au

CEC: Mike Duffy, 0438 777 024

EEC: Tim Fisher, 0414 893 313

IGCC: Erwin Jackson, 0411 358 939

PCA: Rhys Prka, 0425 113 273

WWF: Paul Fahy, 0455 528 161