“Businesses are celebrating the new mask and work from home rule changes announced this morning by the Victorian Government,” Tim Piper the Victorian Head of the peak employer association Ai Group, said today.


“The decision is a boost for the community and the economy and one that most people will welcome and embrace.


“Businesses around the State have been asking for a relaxation of the rules on masks and working from home.  They will now be able to reach agreement with their workers on the days to attend the office and what is expected of those employees.  And workers won’t need to be wearing masks except in limited circumstances.


“We know that hybrid working arrangements between home and office will persist for the long term.  However, improved collaboration, building a business culture and developing skills are best delivered by teams working face to face and maintaining efficiency when working from home depends on a proportion of time spent in the office.


“Employers know there will be a reluctance from some to return to work – for many reasons – and no doubt the changes to working arrangements will occur over the next few weeks.  But this announcement is a signal that it is time to return to greater normality and we should get used to it.


“Businesses look forward to the State Government maintaining its course as we work through the inevitable ups and downs of COVID-19,” Mr Piper said.


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