"Ai Group’s members in NSW welcome the very important changes to the management of COVID risks announced by the Premier and the Minister for Health. The new approach will continue to be cautious about the risk of infection while lifting the ability of close contacts to attend their workplaces,” Head of the Australian Industry Group in NSW, Helen Waldron said today.


"The way the NSW Government is approaching the management of COVID risks makes a lot of sense. The greater ability of close contacts to continue to attend their workplaces will help ease the labour and skills shortages that many are currently facing. For businesses, this will help them meet their orders and take on new work. These sorts of improvements add to employment and activity in other industries so the benefits can be quite widespread. 
"These changes will be of greatest benefit for occupations and industries for which working from home is not possible – such as in construction, logistics, manufacturing and hospitality and retail industries and of course all the front-line services," Ms Waldron said.


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