Today’s State budget success shows how vital the WA economy has been and will continue to be to the economic success of Australia.

"An operating surplus of $5.6M and predicted strong economic growth over the coming years is welcome news that will provide a continued sense of optimism among WA businesses that will only grow as a clear roadmap for the removal of border restrictions and certainty around the future management of COVID in WA becomes clearer,” Kristian Stratton, the WA Head of peak employer association Ai Group said today.

"The budget investment in improving the education facilities and the continued investment into regional WA are welcomed announcements that will assist our young people have access to world class education facilities and ensure our regions are able to attract and retain the population needed to thrive, but continued economic success will be reliant on having the skilled workforce to maintain the momentum and will require government to promote the state and attract workers both domestically and internationally as well as long term investment in training for the up and coming workforce.

"The economic success of WA also presents an opportunity for investment with companies across Australia already indicating a desire to grow or start operations and be part of the success and it is important now that the state government works with industry to find immediate solutions to enable these companies to safely bring key staff into WA to ensure we don’t miss the investment opportunities we are creating from our success,” Mr Stratton said.

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