The Commonwealth Government’s Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) has released a discussion paper on the current and future design of the independent government body, which was set up in late 2022. The Government is asking for feedback on the design of the JSA, which has been created to “provide advice on the skills and training needs of workers and employers now and in the future”. Some of the themes covered in the discussion paper are:

  • The provision of more granular data and analysis to inform workforce planning and funding decisions at state and regional levels, and to inform place-based solutions;
  • The provision of insights about under-employment, and how to create conditions and pathways to better use the skills and abilities of all Australians, particularly those traditionally disadvantaged;
  • The provision of information about workforce supply and demand to understand barriers to participation;
  • Guidance to Jobs and Skills Councils to improve workforce planning and training product design; and
  • The JSA’s role in workforce planning and career advice, while also coordinating skills, employment, and migration settings.

The Ai Group Centre for Education and Training will be providing feedback to the government on the themes and questions presented in the discussion paper.

The JSA has also released its draft terms of reference for its upcoming Clean Energy Capacity Study, and contribute to the Government’s Powering Australia Plan. The draft terms of reference propose to develop an appropriate definition of the Australian clean energy workforce; provide insights into the current state of the clean energy workforce; analyse future demand for clean energy roles and potential supply of clean energy workers over the next 30 years; explore barrier and opportunities; and consider the experiences of the transition to clean energy in other countries. An interim report is scheduled for May 2023 with a final report expected in July 2023.

Register for the Ai Group Centre for Education & Training's upcoming webinar with JSA Interim Director, Professor Peter Dawkins AO:
Jobs and Skills Australia: creating the future (9 Feb, 11am)