Network with other businesses in your industry at our sector forums and cluster network meetings - held regularly across a range of industry sectors and working groups, as part of a new service linking members working within key industry verticals.

Through our industry sector networks we're now creating even more opportunities to build communities of interest for businesses within industry sectors.

Our approach comprises the delivery of specialist services to the sectors including networking opportunities, development of supply chains, policy representation and working groups with businesses operating in specialised fields.

Tailored information services also complement the new sector services through the provision of targeted newsletters, news alerts and industry sector updates.

As well, core membership services in the areas of workplace relations, OHS & workers' compensation, training, skills development and export and business development also form part of the services available to members identified in the sectors.

Sectors include the expanding industries of Technology, Food & Beverage; and Health Care & Pharmaceutical; Mining (project proponents & suppliers); Construction; Utilities; Labour Hire; and Transport & Logistics industries.

Ai Group is committed to enhancing the value of services offered to members operating across specialist sectors, by further building on our strong engagement and relationship with all members. The provision of tailored services, designed to meet the dynamic and changing needs of members working in a globally competitive environment, adds even further value to Ai Group membership. Each of the sectors integrates horizontally with the others, so all members will benefit from the cross fertilisation of ideas which have the potential to help members develop and enhance their business practices.

If you are interested in the issues which concern your industry or want to understand the impact of government regulations on your company, speak with your industry sector contact today - call 1300 55 66 77.