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Training required by Enforceable Undertaking with Fair Work Ombudsman (onsite only).

This program will be tailored to fulfil the obligations of the Enforceable Undertaking provided by the Fair Work Ombudsman on the rights and responsibilities of employers under the Fair Work Act 2009 and your appropriate Award.

The final content will need to be approved by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

In general, the training covers:

  • Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009
    • Overview of the Fair Work Act framework
    • National Employment Standards 
    • Employer obligations in respect to payroll, pay slips and record keeping 
    • Consultation and notification obligations
    • Unfair dismissal
    • General protections
    • Workplace bullying
    • Right of Entry
    • Strike Pay
  • Appropriate Award
    • Key obligations and responsibilities, including those related to any breach to which the Enforceable Undertaking relates
  • Complaint options
    • Options available to persons to make complaints and FWO contact information
  • FWO resources
    • How to access FWO resources to calculate rates of pay

Note: We will need a copy of the whole Enforceable Undertaking to ensure the training materials cover all relevant parts of the Fair Work Act and appropriate Award.  The training materials must be approved by the FWO in advance of the training.  We can either provide you with the training materials so you can obtain this approval from the FWO, or we can contact the FWO on your behalf, if you instruct us to do so.

Onsite Only POA

Those required by the Undertaking