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Both the Australian Taxation Office and Fair Work Ombudsman are cracking down on ‘sham contracting’ and a number of companies have recently been prosecuted for trying to avoid tax, employment law or other employment obligations by engaging contractors.

There are pros and cons associated with engaging workers as either independent contractors or employees. Occasionally too, businesses believe that they have afforded themselves more protection than they actually have by purporting to engage workers as independent contractors.

It is crucial that businesses understand the difference between an employment relationship and independent contracting to avoid prosecution or claims for unfair dismissal, back pay or other unpaid employment entitlements.

To help you better understand your obligations and the risks and pitfalls in relation to this issue, this session we will cover:

  • The distinction between independent contractors and employees;
  • How to hire independent contractors;
  • Regulatory restrictions and legal implications of incorrectly classifying  people as contractors (eg. unfair dismissal implications and the sham contracting laws);
  • Obligations to independent contractors; and
  • How you can better manage the risks and pitfalls of engaging different types of workers.
Half Day
Onsite Only POA

This workshop is designed for managers responsible for engaging Independent Contractors