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(Morning session) What Is Industry 4.0?

“Industry 4.0” is a term that is used so often on the internet, it’s almost certainly a buzz-word. Many are aware of the term, and still many have not heard of it. For those who have, it is often difficult to gain a clear understanding of the implications through what is often simply a targeted marketing campaign. Often this marketing is addressing only a part of the promise, but Industry 4.0 is rarely described as an overview. We need broad-strokes; It’s a big and broad future ahead! The benefits of connectivity and the industrial internet of things are only a fraction of the new technologies and innovations on the horizon. How can we possibly understand what Industry 4.0 means for us all, as we face an uncertain future?

By looking at the previous acceleration points, “Industry 1, 2 and 3”, we can see very clear parallels with the challenges of today. Parallels that make the path we should follow so much more obvious. This ½ day session helps us to understand our collective industrial past, in order that we can plan our collective futures.

(Afternoon session) Strategy For Digital Transformation

“Industry 4.0” is ultimately about connectivity. There’s a clear push for industry to create connections between the physical world and the cyber-physical world. Making connections between assets, through supply chains, through internal departments and through external partners, through machines, products, logistics, monitoring and other services to assets.

Obviously, the first question asked is “Why?”, and “What would be a tangible benefit to me of connecting this thing to the internet?” The intention of this ½ day session is to demonstrate some clear benefits of embracing this new thinking, and to discuss the broader implications of this new and exciting industrial future. We look at the exciting new technologies and learn how they inter-connect to bring real benefits to companies and individuals. Benefits that until now have only been possibilities.

These ground-breaking and almost magical technologies could transform all industries for the better. However, a strategy is needed. As industry evolves, faces disruptions and constantly re-invents itself, it is often necessary for individuals and companies to self-assess and make plans adapt to the change.

Who should attend?

This course is for all organisations, large and small, and across all industry sectors and is ideal for managers, supervisors and small business owners. Employees at any level will gain an understanding of why their industry is evolving and why change is often necessary. They will gain an understanding of the new technical possibilities. They will also gain an understanding of the reasons why they should embrace the coming changes, and not fight against them.


This course is delivered in partnership with Hydac.