Implementing redundancies can be one of the most difficult tasks which a manager faces. Not only will this be an emotionally charged process, but there are also a wealth of legal issues that need to be tackled. Prior to implementing redundancies - whether on a small or larger scale - effective planning, communication and an understanding of your legal compliance obligations and risks is essential, including reviewing existing redundancy practices.

Ai Group's Redundancy Management Handbook is designed to assist employers approach redundancy management with confidence and sets out practical advice on the steps which employers need to take before making any employee redundant.

This publication will explain:

  • The legal concept of redundancy under the Fair Work Act 2009, Modern Awards and enterprise agreements, with reference to case examples;
  • The legal issues arising in the event of redundancy, including notice of termination, redundancy pay, unfair dismissal, redeployment, consultation, discrimination laws and potential relevance of company policies and procedures;
  • Managing the redundancy process, including planning and preparation and how to go about consulting with employees and unions, as well as how to select employees for redundancy, including a sample selection criteria matrix;
  • Drafting redundancy clauses in enterprise agreements - what should be included and what should be avoided; and
  • Other issues which may impact upon an employer's decision to implement redundancies, including transfer of business provisions under the Fair Work Act 2009.
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